Vegan Plant-Based Feta Cheese Cubes

Vegan Plant-Based
Feta Cheese Cubes

Packed in an authentic Greek brine made from sea salt, it is virtually indistinguishable from its dairy-based counterpart.

Destined to be the star of a cheese platter or simply for your next snack, our plant-based feta is a must. Your imagination will run wild, try it on a pizza or marinated with herbs, you won’t be able to do without it!

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Cubes in brine

Ingredients: Water, Coconut oil, Potato Starch, Potato Plant protein, Sea Salt, Natural flavour

  • Units Per Case : 8
  • Unit Dimension : Approx 12mm cube
  • Shelf Life : 12 Months
  • UPC : 62823537-767-6

Our Feta in action